Original Clay Sculpture

Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000

Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000

Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000   Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000
For sale is an original Holly Zausner sculpey clay figural sculpture that she made in the early 2000's. She worked in this medium for some time earlier in her career before focusing more on film. Provenance: Elaine Weitzen Collection: The Sculpture Center, Queens NYC. Acquired at sale of Elaine Weitzen estate.

This work features an expressive figural sculpture depicting a figural form grappling with a crystal wine glass that one can interpret as having spilled its contents out and surrounding the figure. You can see many very similar works in this medium and these specific colors on the artist's website. The sculpture had some cracks and chips that we filled in using the original color sculpey material.


Zausner's vision is not apocalyptic but ruminative, a poetics of the inconclusive and ephemeral in which the locations are the "meaning, not the backdrop, " she says. It's about searching, not about finding, an existential, feminist mediation. Early in her career, the artist-who was born in New Jersey, studied at Bard College and then at the New York Studio School-created an odd, handmade figure with floppy, octopus-like arms and legs. The sculpture, which was first fashioned out of Hydrocal, and later rubber and clay, often in bright primary colors, came to serve as a kind of ungainly doppelgänger. Eventually Zausner made it life-size or larger. She animated it by hurling it upward from the roof of her Chelsea studio, using the sky and the city as backdrop. While the sculpture spiraled in space, Zausner photographed it, studying the patterns it sketched while ascending and falling through the air. She was looking for ideas about movement. "The shapes never repeated themselves, " she says of her dolls' various trajectories. I did this for a year, day and night.

Eventually, when the scuptures became too heavy to throw, she carried them outside and started working with them in film. Zausner has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the United States including solo exhibitions at the Neue Nationalgalerie; Bode Museum, Berlin; SculptureCenter, New York among others. She was the recipient of 2007 DAAD Film Grant in Berlin and in 1993, she received the New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship. SOLO AND TWO PERSON EXHIBITIONS.

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New York, NY: Triplex Gallery, BMCC, 1990. This item is in the category "Art\Art Sculptures". The seller is "upstatetreasures14" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Artist: Holly Zausner
  • Type: Sculpture
  • Year of Production: 2000
  • Original/Licensed Reproduction: Original
  • Size: Medium
  • Style: Contemporary Art
  • Material: Sculpey Clay
  • Region of Origin: Berlin Germany
  • Subject: New York
  • Time Period Produced: 2000-Now

Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000   Berlin Based New York Artist Holly Zausner Sculpey Sculpture. Circa 2000